Sorrowful Angels – “Wrath” (New Lyric Video)

Taken from 2012’s “Omens” album , this new video of “Wrath” is a reminder of Mankind’s relentless march towards Self Destruction.

“The Earth is now laid waste
Before our Communion, all perish
So Indignant and Rightful, we end forever
The World and all that dwell therein”

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“Resonate my Senses” – Brand new Official audio taken from “Remedie”.

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Sorrowful Angels cover Rotting Christ’s “Among Two Storms”

We are extremely happy to present you our contribution to METAL HAMMER’s (GR) tribute CD to the mighty Rotting Christ which is out NOW! (May Issue)

“Among Two Storms” (“A Dead Poem” – 1997) holds a special place in our hearts. We hope you like our version!

A CFN Recordings Studio production

Sorrowful Angels – “Among Two Storms”
“A Greek Tribute to Rotting Christ – The Cryptic Path to ΧΞΣ”

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Interview: Sorrowful Angels (Dion) at Metalpaths

It’s always interesting talking with musicians. Even better when it comes to a new album and the latest news of their band. So, Dion from SORROWFUL ANGELS, endures my “little” interrogation and gives us all the information we need for the great “Remedie”. A much promising album I may say!


Interview: Sorrowful Angels (Dion)