The Cryptic Path to ΧΞΣ – Α Tribute to Rotting Christ

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Sorrowful Angels – Leap of Faith (Lyric Video)

New lyric video for “Leap Of Faith”, taken from our latest “Remedie” album.

Created by Vasilis ‘Hailsteel’ Misirlis

SepticFlesh / Sorrowful Angels / Womb Of Maggots / W.E.B. members covering Venom

SEPTICFLESH-official- / Sorrowful Angels / Womb Of Maggots / W.E.B.members covering Venom @ the METAL HAMMER GREECE (Official) party for its 31 years!!!
Athens , Fuzz Live Music Club – Dec 26th 2015
Line Up:
Sotiris Vayenas (Septicflesh) – Guitars
Άκης Καπράνος (ex-Septicflesh) – Drums
Lefteris Christou (Womb of Maggots) – Bass
Dion Christodoulatos (Sorrowful Angels) – Guitar
Sakis Darkface (W.E.B.) – Vocals

Merry Anti Christmas!

Although we do not endorse Religion of any kind, this song goes to all the Scrooges of the World, we are one of you!

“The doorbell rings,children are waiting
happy faces,my fury is engaging
Every christmas I’m getting mad
Is it me or they should be banned?
The jolly spirit! Give me a break!!!
The christmas carol? Brings me a headache
Hey mr.Santa! I’ll Lock you in a cage!
I want to yell with raging rage
We’re anti, we’re Antichristmas!!!”